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The unit includes directions, a minibook titled "Be Safe" (about bike helmets, life jackets, and car seat buckles), and two reproducible activi. Such a great way to support a cause without any additional out-of-pocket expense to you. Here is a simple activity that helps students to understand spatial relationships to objects in the classroom. What to do in case of an 'unsafe touch', Body Safety conversations need to be had with all children - regardless of gender. Empower students to keep their bodies safe by learning the touching rule. choices we proactively set, This packet teaches children the importance of self-protection. Touch the ball with your left foot, right hand and your chin. Return to the starting point. Worksheets on Who is a responsible adult? Body Safety Education aims to empower children with skills and knowledge that will lessen the likelihood of them becoming victims of childhood sexual abuse. The large ball encourages bilateral skills and crossing midline. The first person climbs through the hoop while holding it and runs back to start. Provide verbal cues as the student walks by items if necessary ie. This helps to develop a better sense of how big desks are, how tall are the chairs, how wide is the carpet and how far is the bathroom. The packet includes Roll Some Ninja Moves, Ninja Clothes Pin Clips, 5 Ninja Lotto Boards, 12 Freeze Dance Ninjas (great for a group), 5 Speed Ninja boards and 12 small Ninja cards. Dec 10, 2019 - Explore candace barlow's board "Health and Safety Crafts and Activities for Toddlers", followed by 110 people on Pinterest. A book to empower and teach children about personal body safety, feelings, safe and unsafe touch, private body parts, secrets/surprises, consent and respect. The Body Safety Box helps parents and schools give their children the latest in evidence-based child abuse prevention education. Play hot potato. When children have difficulties of sensing where a child is in space can interfere with motor skill development, peer interaction, and safety. This is for the less advanced student with simple language and lot, Prevention against child sexual abuse. Can the children guess what body part you are using to make the sound. When new skills are being learned take some time to fully explore the environment where the functional skills are to be learned. Tap your head with both hands 2 times and touch both hands to your right knee. The first team with all three players through the hoop is the winner. With 1 in 4 girls and I in 7 boys sexually interfered with before they reach the age of 18 (Australian Institute of Criminology 2004) we need to most definitely teach our children body safety … The statistics speak for themselves. Download and print the Simon Says Motor Memory Challenge game below. Teaching Body Safety Rules PDF: It is important for caregivers to talk to their children about their bodies and safety rules. This activity encourages motor planning, body awareness, finger strengthening, and physical activity. Parent Letter The proprioceptive sense sends information about our body’s position to the brain so that we inherently know that our foot is tapping the ground as we wait on the bus or that our leg is curled under the other on the couch even while we do other actions or tasks. Test your guess and hop to meet in the middle. It is more of a challenge when you use a large, exercise ball but if that is not available grab a large beach ball which is lighter weight. Stack the strips with action #1 at the top. For example, proper body awareness tells us how far to reach for objects or how close to stand next to a person. Body Safety Skills. It also includes all the 81 picture cards in a smaller size (2.5″ by 3.25″ – nine cards to one page). This is an easy way to adapt a timeless game of Simon Says but add in more range of motion, muscle strengthening and spatial relationships. Talking about what these feelings mean helps Children should also know the correct names for their genitals from a young age. Product contains two different posters that can be used to help spark conversation and discussions about body safety. Young children are very curious and love to learn about their body and the foods they eat. Turn the page and without looking back perform three actions: Tap your head with both hands 2 times, touch both hands to your right knee AND jump up three times. Also includes hand out explaining bilateral coordination. Shows resources that can work for all subjects areas, This Personal Body Safety Bundle includes ALL the Safe / Unsafe Touch AND Stranger Danger lessons and activities. Tell your children that no matter what happens – when they tell you anything about body safety or body secrets they will NEVER get in trouble. The activities are available in varying degrees of difficulty. You might ask, \"Why do we need this?\" \"How does it help us?\" \"What can we do with this object to keep us safe?\" Children might say that they use th… 3. Sometimes, if people have difficulties with body awareness they may appear clumsy, uncoordinated or have delays in motor skill development. Print the cards or play the Simon Says game using the electronic PDF on a screen or a tablet. My students create, This body safety education packet includes four activities and a send home parent note that can be used in a classroom setting, small group setting, and an individual setting.

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